Welcome to Feminism Fortnight 2016!

Over the next fourteen days- starting August 1st- a new post will go up every day on a feminist issue, in the hope that it’ll help raise awareness about some of the problems affecting women in our world.

What’s getting covered?
Day 1: Male violence against women
Day 2: Women and beauty
Day 3: The division of labour at home
Day 4: The division of labour at work
Day 5: Sexual objectification
Day 6: Rape culture
Day 7: Black [Women’s] Lives Matter
Day 8: Erasure of women
Day 9: Gender stereotypes
Day 10: Bi/Lesbophobia
Day 11: Control over female bodies
Day 12: Porn
Day 13: Women in politics
Day 14: Women’s voices

If you find these resources useful, please share them with your friends, classmates, anyone you like!

If you’re new to all this and looking for a good starting point in exploring feminism, take a look at this talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi:



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